Levitation Insurance

A Failure of Gravity! How Would You Be Affected?

Scientists have known for years about the periodic changes in the polarity of the Earth's magnetic field. But what about its Gravitational field? Could that change too?

Could the Force of Gravity Become Repulsive?

What would happen to you? Would you fly off the face of the Earth? Develop an unsightly rash? Meet Elvis face to face? Who knows? What would happen to your family and loved ones? How would your spouse pay the mortgage? You need the Special Protection that only this new insurance can provide.

Now, for a nominal price, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from losses due to the failure of the Earth's gravity. Norfolk and Chance Gravity Insurance Co. is the largest and oldest insurance company in its field. For a limited time, you can buy insurance for only 10.00 that

Pays you 1,000,000,000

(at the rate of 1.00 per year) for injury or death due to the failure of gravity or the reversal of the Earth's gravitational field.

Double Indemnity: Norfolk and Chance Gravity Insurance Co. will pay you twice the face amount of this policy (at the rate of 2.00 per year) if you should die due to falling or being pushed into a Black Hole (Proof of loss will be required).

Don't let your family go without this important protection for another day. You pay only one premium in your entire lifetime for this insurance. When we receive your premium, we will send you a certificate, suitable for framing, to show your friends that you were smart enough to buy this important insurance. Remember,

No One Can Be Refused This Insurance For Any Reason.

Do not accept any cheap substitutes! NACGIC is the oldest and the best. We have never refused a claim. Send a check or money order today to

Norfolk and Chance Gravity Insurance Co.
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