A Cautionary Note

Beware Of Cheap imitations...

(Or even more expensive ones ... but particularly the ones which are exactly the same price as us...)

Here at Blaze, we don't consider ourselves to have competitors, only imitators.

When Oscar Wilde said that 'imitation is the sincerest form of flattery' we believe he was in fact being sarcastic. To us, imitation is just a sign that other organisations are sadly lacking in our creative spark and are morally ambiguous enough to steal someone else's idea.

Over the years, we have seen such operations come and go.

Some are people who are out to pocket some cash from a charities coffers by 'setting up shop' and hawking themselves around as a charity firewalking 'expert'.

Worse still are people who lack the correct knowledge and experience of safety procedures, their events often ending with dangerous and painful consequences for their unwitting victims.

Our advice is: speak to the Instructors and ask them how fire walking is possible. If they say anything about:

'chakras, energy, crystals, the brain creating chemical changes in the body allowing us to walk on hot coals, higher selves, raising your energy to match the energy of the fire, karmic balance, stepping into a heritage which connects us with our ancestors' or anything that is not firmly based in easily explainable scientific principles and beliefs - make your excuses and leave.

We have discovered that when people have dubious beliefs, they tend to make dubious decisions based on those beliefs. Which often lead to dubious consequences. Like thinking chanting 'cool wet moss' will keep them from burning or some such nonsense.

We attained our position as the pre-eminent Firewalk organisation in the UK simply by working harder, caring more and being here first!

While 99% of our imitators went on an 'instructors' course only within the last five years or so, we have been running fire walking events here in the UK since 1984!

That's 21 years of actively organising and running these kind of events. (But strangely enough they ALL still claim to be the 'most experienced fire walking masters in UK/Europe/The World ect ect) Bless them.

While others do 2 or 3 events a year - we do 2 or 3 hundred!

Our experience in this field is unrivalled anywhere in the world. No-one has the body of work behind them or have simply had the opportunity to have logged the 'flight time' that we have gotten under our belt.

Quite simply, when you engage B.L.A.Z.E. for your event - others recognise you have the best team in the world.

We are not the biggest company organising fire walking events and we cannot pompously claim to be the 'father of modern firewalking' either- nor the uncle,mother or cousin come to that.

(maybe we are the illegitimate half brother to it though, the one no one ever invites to family gatherings because they always start trouble when they have half a shandy.... :-)

However we DID invent design and develop the whole concept of employing fire walking as a fundraising tool and we assert the right to claim it as our intellectual property.

Which makes our point really.

We have no competitors - only imitators.

Can YOU tell the difference?

Elvis.....has left the building.......