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Firetrek Challenge

A New and Exciting Opportunity! Want to be part of an incredible adventure while raising money for your favourite charity in a far away land? We are looking for the final 20 Intrepid Individuals to join us in Rajasthan, India in 2007.
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Worlds Tallest Firewalk?

While most of us were sitting down to dinner on Bank holiday monday, Martin Sterling was getting ready to do the strangest fire walking site survey he had ever done.
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Flame-Tastic World Record

In November of 2005, a team of firewalking experts from Blaze smashed the world record for Firewalking!
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Well, once again some group of clowns have injured a member of the public by running a firewalking event and burning a participant badly enough that they needed two weeks off work and hospital treatment to recover from their injuries
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Torch-erd Soles

Sad to say, yet ANOTHER misguided soul (or misguided sole if you like) has brought shame on his self after an ill advised publicity stunt went badly wrong, landing him in hospital for ten full days and draining 3000 from a cash strapped NHS hospital in order to fix his injured feet..
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