Torch-erd Soles

Blaze Say's.....

"If it looks like a duck, has feathers, a beak, webbed feet and quacks like a duck chances are it's a duck!"

What A big Stupid Stunt!

Sad to say, yet ANOTHER misguided soul (or misguided sole if you like) has brought shame on his self after an ill advised publicity stunt went badly wrong, landing him in hospital for ten full days and draining 3000 from a cash strapped NHS hospital in order to fix his injured feet.

But the cost has been infinitely higher than that. As a direct result of the actions of this 'expert'and the other negative press marring the image of firewalking this month, the charity world has lost out on around FIFTY THOUSAND POUNDS too.

We had 4 jobs elect to cancel this month alone just because of the awful publicity generated by these clownish antics. Each job was fully expecting to generate much needed revenue of between 12-15 THOUSAND POUNDS EACH for the worthy causes that were running these events.

This VAST SUM is now LOST to the causes who so desperately needed that revenue and is directly attributable to the mis-actions of people like this.

Seemingly in denial of the fact that two of our junior staff have set the record distance of 601 ft, he set out to claim that a mere 250 ft walk would land him in the record books.

In reality it landed him in hot water.

Make your own mind up and follow these links to see the full story.

This only goes to prove what we so frequently say. If they are not a licensed Blaze instructor, just say no...and walk away while you still can.

If you want to see clowns - go to the circus.

Nuff Sed.

Click the Play button below to listen to Blaze talk on Radio 2's Jeremy Vine show, along with others as they discuss the apparent "science" behind firewalking and why someone could get burnt!!!