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Woman burns Feet

Well, once again some group of clowns have injured a member of the public by running a firewalking event and burning a participant badly enough that they needed two weeks off work and hospital treatment to recover from their injuries.

This only goes to show that there are lots of people out there who are more than willing to masquerade as a firewalking "expert", if the price is right of course.

Naturally, the perpetrators of this 'injury-fest' were NOT BLAZE certified instructors nor had they adhered to common sense principles regarding health and safety practices.

In court they laid the blame for the injuries on the fact that the woman had enjoyed a pedicure several days before and that somehow some of this pedicure fluid had remained on her feet and it was THAT which caused her injuries.

We here at Blaze would like to ask the question "Are you saying that in the intervening days between the pedicure and the firewalk, this woman (who was a senior accountant) had not bathed or washed her feet at all?? I mean, come that realistic to belive?"

But then, it's always easier to blame external circumstances than to say " er..we did not know what we were really doing..."

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What firewalking really is

Isn't the point of these firewalking exercises that it's just a metaphor for overcoming limiting beliefs?

In other words, a motivational technique that helps people that would otherwise not attempt things that they think are bound to be difficult or impossible, but actually are very much attainable once we take action.

Very much like loosing weight. Or changing a relationship that is not working. Or getting a better education. Or making a million.

So once they've seen how the fear was unjustified and experience walking on hot coals, a valuable lesson is learnt that maybe ambitions that they've had but not had the confidence to move towards before are perhaps attainable after all.

So they then give something a go and move on and improve their lives.

Very much in the same way that a bungee jump or an abseil is an event in some peoples life that offers them an opportunity to face fears (whether real or imagined) and emerged unscathed, firewalking can be a "tool" to overcome a barrier of some sort.

Turning a stumbling block into a stepping stone.

Precisely the same as Bungee or absailing too, firewalking is a quantifiable event with safe perameters which should not be breached otherwise injuries will occur.

What firewalking is not

Firewalking is not magik. If people tell you it is and only they can teach you the true hidden secrets of the arcane arts thats cash flow talking, not truth.

It is not "mind over matter" in the traditional understanding of the expression.

There is nothing "mystical" about the ability to walk unharmed across a bed of hot coals.

Firewalking by humans is pretty much completely understood by the experts who teach it.

So much so that the question to be asked isn't "how come people can do this without getting burnt?" rather it is: "how come people continue to get burnt while firewalking if the people teaching it are "experts"?

What these people do not realise is that you can do it right a few times and your luck may hold out but you can only do it wrong ONCE before people find out.

There is an old saying in the martial arts which is:

Everyone wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die.

We all crave success in what we do.

But only some of us are willing to put the time and energy in to get it right.

Every time.

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Stay safe!