Glasswalk Machine

The Electric Catwalk

Blaze is the proud owner of the worlds only fully functioning illuminated 'electric catwalk' which it frequently uses on its many charity glasswalk events.

It was designed for us exclusively by the D+K design collective and is comprised of five separate sections each part fully self contained with its own halogen lighting system, cooling fans and fail safe circuits.

The actual 'floor' area where the glass is laid out is made of one and a half inch thick optically perfect poly carbonate sheets which are all 50 times stronger than toughened glass of the equivalent thickness. Each of the five poly carbonate sheets are actually certified 'bullet proof' to british standards and kite mark and cost over six hundred pounds EACH.

The framework is a handcrafted wooden base which is encapsulated within its own silicon 'skin' so it feels warm and soft to the touch and adds to the pleasing overall appearance of the machine.

It was also designed to be a natural 'acoustic amplifier' which ramps up and projects the sound of the glass being walked upon thus enhancing the 'high perceived risk' experience for both participant and spectator alike, as well as 'walk on, walk off' ramps at each end with rubber 'brush down' mats for ease and comfort of entry and egress of the Glasswalkers.

The 'Electric Glasswalk' - yet another 'first' for Blaze - the charity glasswalking experts.