Break on through to the other side ...


What is Board breaking?

It's the practise of shattering a one inch thick piranha pine board with only your bare hands!!!

Do you ever wonder how those Martial Arts experts break boards?

Wondering what this has to do with you or you can raise money for charity?

Breakthrough! is a remarkable event which alters the way you approach new challenges and opportunities. This action packed event is perfect to create the impact needed to breakthrough whatever has been holding you back from being, doing or having whatever you really want in your personal relationship, your career or your life.

"Before we can do the things necessary to reach our goals, we must push through procrastination, apathy fear and doubt."

Learn to overcome self sabotage and how to condition your mind and emotions with positive expectations!!

You will learn new beliefs and strategies that you can use to consistently challenge yourself to expand your comfort zones, thereby enabling you to accomplish far more than you ever expected. The exciting conclusion of Breakthrough gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your new ability to command a peak mental and physical state by breaking through a solid block of wood with your bare hands!

By using the powerful metaphor of board breaking, you will break through your limiting beliefs and power forward to new, inspiring realities.

The Breakthrough workshop provides the challenges and techniques to break the chains on your brains and achieve the seemingly impossible.

Shape Your Future with Outrageous Results -You are in store for a treat!

If you think that was too ethusive an introduction about a Break through course and you are the kind of person who gets really excited about facts and figures: