Levitation: Taking 'Raising' funds to new heights.

Rising to the challenge

Our most thrilling and unique sponsored event ever! You may have heard about it on TV or read about it in the national press but until you have actually seen people levitating above the floor using only the power of their minds - you just wont believe it!!

Levitation is fun thing to do and learning to master the skill while raising money for charity makes it even more worthwhile. Getting sponsored to levitate is easy as so many of your friends and family will turn up to support you - simply to take photos of you doing it!

Once you can levitate you can say goodbye to the cares of the world and simply....rise above everything!

No longer will you need to risk injury while getting things down from high shelves. You can simply hover up to meet them! High heeled shoes will be a thing of the past and guys, you can gain those extra inches in height without resorting to cardboard in the heels of your shoes. Its a heck of a party trick and people who see you do it will amazed and ask you to repeat it time and time again.

Blaze offers two options for sponsorship on our levitation events.

OPTION ONE: people can sponsor you per inch you levitate. Your levitation is measured on a vertical scale in imperial inches. Most people can levitate at least 24 inches after a two hour training session and maintain that position easily for 30 seconds, just hovering there in thin air!

So if you have fifty sponsors and they all sponsor you a pound an inch, after a two hour training session you could very easily raise over 1200 per person. That's around a whopping 36000 from a successful group of thirty levitators!!

OPTION TWO: People can choose to be sponsored per second of levitation. As we said before, most people on our initial levitation course can reach heights of 24 inches and hold it for around thirty seconds. We have discovered that if people take themselves to only 12 inches from the floor, then they can maintain that height of hover due to what is called the 'Blaine Effect' for well into two minutes or beyond!

So, with option two, the same set of fundraising levitators all with fifty sponsors at 1 per second, an individual who hovers for just two minutes could raise around 6000. That's about 180000 from one group of sponsored levitators!

Wow! Have you ever heard of anything that would raise that much money so quickly?

FAQ about sponsored levitation with Blaze.

I get dizzy very easily. Will this affect my sponsored levitation?

- No, as we only extend our energies to a maximum of 30 inches on the course, vertigo will not be a factor.

I weigh a lot. Will that affect my abilities on this course?

- No, that is generally not an issue either. It's not the size of your mass but the strength of your mind that is the key thing here. Your mind is just the tip of the ice berg. They say that as a person, nine tenths of you is invisible to the naked eye and we only use ten per cent of our brain. It is that nine tenths that we tap into on the course and use as leverage to lift the one tenth of you up so the more you weigh, the better!. Simple maths really.

Levitation seems to be bordering on the magical side. Are we unleashing un-natural forces here on a sponsored template?

- Not at all. There are many, many things that we take for granted here in the 21st century that they would pilloried you for 400 years ago. Take Velcro for example. They would have burnt you at the stake in the 16th century for having Velcro or even for knowing how to spell the word, or having a ball point pen, or toffee apples even. We live in an enlightened age nowadays and things that we once considered taboo by our ancient fore fathers are now there to be embraced as a fundraising tool if we so desire.

What are the after effects of doing a sponsored levitation course?

- There are no ill effects that we have had reported but there are some interesting benefits which you may experience after hovering with Blaze. These include weighing less when on the scales ( often by a stone or more for up to ten days after the event ) Noticing that your feet don't quite touch the ground at all times, especially late in the afternoon and finding yourself comfortably floating over the bed when you wake up in the morning. In fact, if you are generally a light sleeper, we do advocate that you make a point of using a heavier duvet for a few weeks and NOT sleeping with the window open. Better safe than sorry, eh?

Keep this website out of direct sunlight. This website may contain nuts. Your nuts are at risk if you do not keep up repayments.

Yes ... you are correct ... this is a spoof page. But we are working on new events all the time.... and there always people willing and eager to blatantly copy everything we do too. Guaranteed that when we do discover the knack of levitation, ( and yes, we are working on it.... :-)) within 12 months there would be other companies offering a 'pound stretcher' version of it too and sad to say, fundraiser's who would willingly hire the charlatans based solely upon the criteria of price.

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