Glass walking: Shattering Illusions

Have you got what it takes when it comes to the crunch?

Attend this workshop and learn to make fear your friend. One of our most popular and amazing events!

Walk barefoot across 15 foot of broken glass without any pain or injury - GUARANTEED

The interesting thing about Glass Walking is that anyone can do it! The hardest part isn't' walking on the glass, it's a matter of walking through the wall of fear that hangs around you, that inhibits you.

What Is Glass Walking?

Until recently, Glass Walking has been the exclusive domain of mystics and fakirs, versed in the ancient disciplines of yoga and the martial arts. The methods have been hidden from prying eyes in order to promote magical myths about those people fortunate enough to share in the secret "knowledge" - the initiated few.

When a human being manages to pay attention 100% on what he/she is experiencing, something unique and spectacular happens. When we commit 100%, no part of our mind can "wander off": We become the experience itself.

To walk barefoot on razor-sharp pieces of broken glass is an "extreme" way to reach this total 'is-ness', the here and now, thus learning to be completely awake and present in the many daily challenges.

It is almost a Zen practise which totally focuses you 'in the moment'.

The way to walk on glass is exactly the opposite of the way in which to walk on hot coals: glass demands slow focused moments of extreme concentration . this practice teaches us to pay attention. It's the fastest way to get 'feedback' from the world around us!

The Glass becomes the teacher and heightens your state of mental awareness.

We are aware that there are companies which offer walking on broken glass. Often the glass is old and filthy and laid out on an old cloth or grubby strip of industrial polythene for the walkers to set their bare feet upon. Glass walking can be a pretty scary prospect at the best of times, but when presented in this manner it is also a minefield of health and hygiene issues too.

At Blaze, we do things in a very different way.

Firstly, all of the broken glass that we use on our events is always washed, sieved and air dried both before and after each event thus ensuring the utmost hygiene of the medium on which we walk.

Secondly, and most uniquely, we have recently introduced our 'Electric Catwalk' upon which the broken glass is laid out upon! This under-lit platform is 16 feet long and 3 feet wide and acts a very theatrical setting for this event to take place upon.

(When the room is darkened and the illumination on the catwalk is activated, the walkers are bathed in an eerie light created by the light shining up from beneath them and through the broken glass itself! Couple this with the 'other worldly' sound of the glass cracking and breaking beneath their feet as they cross the glass bed barefoot and it all adds up to an experience they will never forget!)

Thirdly, and this is the difference that makes the difference - we offer you a choice of 5 different colours of glass upon which to walk!

Picture the scene now, your walkers bathed in the incandescent glow of pure blue, red or ghostly green light as they make their way across the glass bed. What an event!!

It's the ultimate 'bring a bottle' party and YOU are invited!!